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Our water aeration systems are built around our in-house designed and manufactured mechanical aerators in Australia

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By-Jas aeration

Our water aeration systems are built around our in-house designed and manufactured mechanical aerators. These are installed within the system as either conventional bridge mounted units or floating assemblies. Designed for longevity and minimum maintenance, they also offer very economical power consumption characteristics.

The larger floating systems incorporate an inbuilt stability that makes them highly suitable for lakes and rivers including waterways that are susceptible to tidal flow effects. When they are installed in rectangular sludge tanks or purpose built channels, these units give the plant designer a wide scope of configurations options using multiple units.

Surface aeration

The beauty of the By-Jas cone aerator is that it works in such a way as to increase surface aeration by drawing fluid up and mixing it efficiently with a great amount of force. This process puts oxygen back into the depleted water faster by passing it over the surface cone design and exposing it to the air. The By-Jas floating aerator is particular successful in this process because, by the very nature of its design, the unit is always on the surface of the water.

By-Jas floating aerators

The benefits of the By-Jas floating aerator come in both cost-saving and operational forms. With the absence of complex fixed constructions such as bridges and reinforced concrete tanks, the savings on installation more than stand up for themselves.

In operation and application, they come out on top again because they are suitable for a whole range of applications. They can be easily and effectively tethered, making them a flexible stand alone unit. The 3 pod flotation unit with ballast tanks is effective in high winds and turbulent conditions whilst the catamaran design used in less volatile environments is also virtually unsinkable.

A range of waste treatment products that can be supplied and installed across Australia

Mechanical details

By-Jas aerator impellors are configured in a one clockwise and other anticlockwise pair for maximum agitation and turbulence of the water. This effect causes fluid to pass rapidly over the cone, placing large volumes of water in contact with the atmosphere for efficient aeration.

The gearboxes and all other components are locally manufactured making all the parts readily available and service for the units is also available 24/7. Maintenance can be carried out without bringing the units ashore and the Borg Warner transmissions have a bearing life of L10˃100.000 hours. The gearboxes are filled with oil and lubricated by grease with lubricant loss through the bottom seals being highly unlikely.

The pontoons are filled with polyurethane foam and all of the parts are coated with 3 coats of epoxy paint immediately following manufacture. Hot dip galvanisation treatment is also available as an option and all the hardware including bolts, nuts, washers and rivets are in fact treated by this process.

Aerator selection

Our expert team calculate the ideal configuration of units to achieve the optimum BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) versus the ideal consumption of power. This calculation offers the most environmentally and energy friendly results that will make ongoing savings over the lifespan of the installation.


Power output and multi unit configuration is only one half of the By-Jas story. The input of oxygen into the fluid can be adjusted over a wide parameter by merely altering the submersion level of the aerator unit.

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