Sewage Treatment

Are you looking for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to remove waste water and sewage. At By-Jas we develop a strategy and have a wide range of products that can help. We cater to the following industries Winery Waste Water Treatment, Dairy Waste Water Treatment, Leachate Treatment or Landfill Leachate Treatment, Abottoir Waste

Grapes on the vine at winery

Waste water treatment for Wineries

Wineries across Australia are producing record levels of wine, that’s great news for wine connoisseurs. However, the by-product of producing that wine causes excess and inefficiencies in producing wastewater. By-Jas Engineering have been leaders in the industry for the past 20 years. We can help with ideas and information call us on 03 5979 1096

Byjas Wineries Services

Specialising in the Winery Industry

We cater to the winery industry in order to reduce energy costs. Highly flexible aerators for highly variable flow, pH, temperature, organics, disinfectant and nutrient concentrations. Non-odorous if aeration is maintained.Provides stabilised wastewater suitable for vineyard irrigation. Lower land use requirements than land spreading.Very economical to construct and operate. Call By-Jas Engineering for more information

Byjas Sewage Treatment

Irrigation efficiency for Wineries

As we know wineries produce wastewater from the production process which requires aeration prior to re-use or irrigation. By-Jas Engineering water aeration systems are built around our in-house designed and manufactured mechanical aerators. These are installed within the system as either conventional bridge mounted units or floating assemblies. Designed for longevity and minimum maintenance, they