A wide range of waste water and sewage treatment services

By-Jas stocks a wide range of waste water and sewage treatment services including sludge and aeration treatments. Therefore, By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd is the obvious choice. Our custom design, manufacture and installation service takes care of all of your requirements from start to a smooth operating finish. Alongside the nuts and bolts of our operation, clients can also utilise our waste advisory service (WAS).

We offer a wide range of quality, waste water and sewage treatment services by qualified and trained staff.

  • Examination of mains water usage to effect direct economies in consumption
  • Inspection of water quality requirements throughout the factory with a view to the possible re-use of effluent after appropriate treatment
  • Check of discharges with a view to reducing the volume and/or strength of discharge
  • Segregating those requiring varying types of degrees of treatment, or none at all
  • Retrieving valuable constituents
  • Assessment of design parameters
  • Recommendation of treatment processes considered most suitable
  • Preparation of outline plant specifications
  • Ground work of detailed specifications
  • Negotiation with regional and local authorities
  • Appraisal of schemes emanating from other sources
  • Plant commissioning
  • Technical assistance with plant operation and control
  • Investigation of any operating problems irrespective of the plants origin