Why Are Bacteria Used in Sewage Treatment?

Why Are Bacteria Used in Sewage Treatment?


Why Are Bacteria Used in Sewage Treatment?

Why Are Bacteria Used in Sewage Treatment?

Wastewater treatment is society’s way of giving nature a hand in protecting the environment.

It is the use of a combination of processes – physical, chemical, biological – to get rid of polluting substances that makes the water impure. Waste water is the water that you have used in your home, businesses and in industries, which is not suitable for reuse anymore.

This process of treating water converts waste water into an effluent (the treated or untreated water that flows out of a treatment plant) makes the water available for reuse. Also, it can return it to the water cycle with minimal impact to the surrounds or condition in which people, animals and plants live.

There are many benefits that we can get from sewage treatment. When we treat our waste water properly, we are actually protecting the health and safety of the public, wildlife and fish. Having a sewage treatment facility in place, can also increase the value of your property in some cases, in case you decide to sell it. You can also enjoy many recreational activities in the water and in the surrounding environment, without worrying about the spread of diseases. 

By-Jas Engineering is in the sewage treatment business and it has more than 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing sewage treatment systems, and having them installed ourselves. We have special equipment for this purpose, the necessary chemicals and we also have highly skilled and well-trained equipment operators to work on your project. Our team of experts will provide you tailor made solutions that include a wide range of techniques for treating your waste water.

Our sewage treatment process includes several steps that start from waste water collection, odour control and screening. Then we go into the primary, secondary, bio-solids handling and tertiary treatment phase. In our secondary treatment, we add seed sludge and allow it to mix with the waste water, for the rapid process of biological decomposition to take place. We pump air into huge aeration tanks to fuel the growth of aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms. These bacteria functions reduce the volume of sludge and produce methane gas. The organic material that has been broken down from the fine particles that are clumped together are then separated from the solids and the liquids. The last two steps will be disinfection and sludge treatment. Our primary objective in sewage treatment is to dispose of both human and industrial effluents, without gravely affecting health or causing any environmental deterioration. We would be happy to be part of the process of ensuring that no major damage happens to the environment and that the project runs smoothly. By-Jas Engineering delivers its services across Australia, the main capital cities, regional town centres and remote regional areas. We invite you to reach out to us with your questions and Contact us on 03 5979 1096 or visit us at www.byjas.com.au

Call us to arrange an appointment with one of our engineers for quote , information or advice.  

We can guide you through the steps for finding the better solution at a more realistic cost for your sewage treatment requirements.


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