WINERIES ---- We design, manufacture and install a wide range of waste water treatment equipment speciifically for the winery indusrty across all of Australia

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We design, manufacture and install a wide range of waste water treatment equipment specifically for the winery industry across all of Australia.

More ever our treatment equipment reduces energy costs. We also provide highly flexible aerators for highly variable flow, pH, temperature, organics, disinfectant and nutrient concentrations. Non-odorous if aeration is maintained. Provides stabilised wastewater treatment equipment suitable for vineyard irrigation. 


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Today, most vineyards still rely upon utilities such as septic systems and other methods that were installed two generations ago.  As a result the costs of these systems remain high in other ways – with leach fields taking up significant amounts of land, leaking septic system potentially contaminating water. Therefore, when taking these costs, and expectations for future additional costs, into account, many winery owners throughout the country have begun to install and operate distributed wastewater management systems.

Finally, these reuse systems – one of the biggest innovation in the wine industry since people began to design quirky wine labels – are a modern, cost-effective, operationally simple means of improving plant operations for the next several decades by both treating and reusing the treated water for irrigation.


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